LCC Building Update

This summer we have ton of things happening on our campus! We have crews in multiple areas that are beginning work and starting the final phase/push for the summer and our opening in the fall. It's hard to believe that nearly five years ago we started this process and we are at the stage where we have electricians and framers finishing the final interior portions of the new building.  Insulation is going up, the connector between the two buildings is being worked on, and the plumbing will soon be completed!

While it can be an inconvenience, as with any construction project, we are already making accommodations for the work. Our foot traffic flow to get in and out of the current building will be affected, but it is also something to celebrate. It means we have been relentless in our mission, our community, and our world. It means that we started this movement to expand and gain momentum to reach our dreams of becoming a regional, multi-ethnic church with thousands of people from all backgrounds and experiences—and that dream is being fulfilled. It means we are developing and encouraging fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, learning to live in the security of His unconditional love. We know that we will provide multiple weekend services that offer a contemporary format, practical Bible teaching, and a safe place for people to come and bring their friends to discover and develop an authentic relationship with Jesus. We have faced many obstacles, but we have stayed true to who we are and watched God do the impossible.

Two years ago, we stated that we wanted to step out and fearlessly follow after God’s call. This fall's Grand Opening is going to be a truly special time to celebrate all that God has done for us. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for the monthly Relentless newsletter and our weekly updates at We are going to be making a lot of adjustments to traffic flow over the summer and we want keep everyone updated when those changes take place.

Get ready—we are going to have fun this summer preparing for a fall like no other!

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